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Dublin 5th Province


Dublin 5th Province or D5P is a citizenship engagement initiative of the Creative Dublin Alliance and is based in the Office of Civic and Global Engagement at Dublin City University.

The purpose of D5P is to ask Dubliners how they feel Dublin should develop over the next fifteen years. Periodically D5P concentrates on a different important issue, which over time, will help build up a broad picture of what Dubliners think is important for their city.

Each of the issues we ask Dubliners about are important sustainability and liveability issues for Dublin’s future. Issues range from ‘Dublin as a Learning City’ and ‘Culture and Creativity’ to ‘Healthy Living’ and ‘Working Lives’

Every period of consultation begins with asking a group of experts to propose a whole range policy ideas that they think are both realistic and possible to implement in Dublin, over the next fifteen years. These ideas are then proposed to Dubliners by the experts, who engage in discussion and dialogue in order to priorities what Dubliners see as crucial for their future.

For further information please contact us at info@5thprovince.ie

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